The Twelve Links – Part 6

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Nap was beginning to think that he was the only human who hadn’t heard of the Four Noble Truths, for it was all that people would talk about. Wanting to change the subject for a while, Nap asked Tara Yellow what she was doing in this deserted town.
The answer he received was not what he wanted to hear. She told him that Tara Green had sent her to tell him of the 2nd Noble Truth. Even though he was interested in this stuff he wouldn’t have minded a night off. Nap promised himself then and there that he would let his hair down in the next town. All this talk of suffering was bringing him down.

Tara Yellow filled the table with dish after dish of mouthwatering food, all of it vegetarian. They ate and drank and discussed different ideas of what may be going on in the town before Tara got down to the nitty gritty. She began by telling Nap that he was right that suffering did have a cause and that that brought them to the 2nd Noble Truth, which was the truth of origin. (No, not the state of origin!) Nap asked whether he must know three things in relation to this truth as well. Not only did he need to know the function, nature and completed effect, but also the definition and what’s more they were staying up until he did, she told him!

Nap’s lesson began with the definition, which was ‘that which is counted as a contaminated cause and belongs to the thoroughly afflicted side of truth’. He had to ask what all this afflicted side of truth business was. He recalled that his buddy Cohen had mentioned it as well, in relation to the truth of suffering. “There are two sides of truth,” she told him, “the thoroughly afflicted side and the pure side. True suffering and true origin belong to the thoroughly afflicted side and the other two truths of which you will learn soon enough, belong to the pure side.”

The night rolled along and they drank more and more wine. Nap wasn’t a big drinker so he was surprised to find that after a bottle of wine he wasn’t drunk. He looked at the label and it read “Tara Family vintage, guaranteed to show you the essence of mere clarity and knowing. Non – Alcoholic.” Over dessert, which was white chocolate mudcake with lashings of cream, Tara launched into the guts of true origins, the nature, and the misconceptions that knowing the nature overcomes. It appeared that the nature of true origins is to be causes, origins, incessant producers and conditions. This understanding would overcome the misconception that suffering has no cause, that the suffering of origin has only one cause, that suffering is created by a deity, and that the states of suffering are impermanent but their nature is permanent.

Nap was almost falling asleep by this stage. He was compelled to listen but he couldn’t help almost nodding off on occasion. Tara sent him to bed and told him he could do the dishes in the morning. Nap threw down his swag to one side of the wagon and as he was falling asleep, his last thought was to ask Tara if he was any closer to Bodhicitta.

When Nap awoke, Tara Yellow was gone. They had a habit of racing off these Taras. He found pinned to his swag, a note. It read, “the completed effect of our meditation upon the true origins of suffering is to have abandoned the causes of suffering. Bodhicitta is as far away as you make it. Love Tara Yellow.”

Nap couldn’t see any point in hanging around Sixsense Organs, he still hadn’t seen a soul, so he packed up his swag and headed out of town. The main road to Contact was nose hole to asshole, beings everywhere. They were dressed in bright, feathery costumes with lots of bare flesh between the feathers. It was Carnivale time in Contact. That explained where all the Sixsense Organers had gone. Perfect timing thought Nap, he was more than ready to party. By the time he reached Contact, Carnivale was in full swing. It was a harbour town so the party had spread from the streets onto wharves, pontoons, boats and anything else that could float. Nap joined a group of musicians for the night and busked and danced his little heart out. He found himself drawn to one musician in particular. Her name was Sheila and she wore a feline mask and a tail, with strategically placed feathers on her body. She played a mean tambourine and had Nap mesmerised.

Debauchery was the theme of the evening there were couples of every shape and size coming together in any available space. Luckily for Nap, Sheila was as enamored of him as he of she, and in the early hours of the morning they made their way back to Sheila’s room for their own private party.

Later in the morning, feeling rather pleased with himself, Nap left Sheila’s room via the window. She was staying in a boarding house for women and was not meant to have men in her room. He made his way through the debris strewn streets to where he had left Karma and Delusion. Contact wasn’t looking very glamorous in the daylight. There were couples laying asleep half in half out of the gutters, surrounded by empty bottles and discarded streamers. Nap decided to beat the traffic and head out of town early.

Karma and Delusion once again leading the way, were pointing him north. That meant he was beginning to arc back towards Ignorance. They had lead him on an interesting journey so far, no need to doubt them yet. A dusty old signpost announced that the next town was Feeling and was at least two days ride away. Plenty of time for Nap to think over the first and second Noble Truth.

Part 7 up next …….


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