The Twelve Links – Part 5

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After dinner they continued their talk. Nap, wanting to show off his new found wisdom began to tell Cohen of the 1st Noble Truth, the truth of suffering. He told him of the function and the nature, but he had to stop at the completed effect for that he wasn’t sure of. Cohen wasn’t one to interrupt so he let Nap finish before telling him that he knew of true suffering and what’s more not only did he know the completed effect but he also knew the definition of true suffering. Nap felt rather foolish to have tried to impress Cohen but his thirst for knowledge overcame his embarrassment. Clearing away the dishes he asked Cohen if he would share his insights with him. Cohen jokingly asked if there was anything else he could do for him besides take him fishing, cook him dinner give him a place to stay and share these words of wisdom with him.
Once Cohen had finished being a wiseass he answered, “the definition of true suffering is that which is counted as a contaminated effect and belongs to the thoroughly afflicted side of truth.” Cohen noticed the blank look on Nap’s face and told him not to worry one day soon he would understand what that meant.

Nap hoped he was right, this search for happiness was becoming more involuted by the day. “You’ve already worked out the completed effect,” continued Cohen. “When you told me that you felt like you had no control over Karma and Delusion and that they seemed to know where they were taking you, you answered your own question. The completed effect of the 1st Noble Truth is that suffering is understood to mean that while we are under the influence of contaminated actions and afflictions, we have no control. “

Nap went to sleep with a mind wearied from thought. He’d spent the rest of the evening on the deck contemplating what the afflicted side of truth could mean. In the morning he thanked Cohen, promised to visit if he was ever in Nameandform again and headed off in the direction of Sixsense Organs.

As Nap rode along with Karma and Delusion leading the way as usual, his thoughts turned to suffering. If suffering was impermanent then there must be a way to stop it for good. And if you can stop it for good then that must be happiness, the absence of true suffering. So why do we suffer? There must be a cause.

Nap was plodding along the road thinking in this vein, questioning all that he’d learnt in the past few days when he heard a deep rumbling sound from behind him. He stopped and turned to look back. All he could see was a dark shape in a whirl of dust careering down the road towards him. It wasn’t long until the dark shape had gone hurtling by. It was a gypsy van pulled by four white horses and being driven by a woman with a mane of thick yellow hair.

Nap wondered where she was headed in such a hurry. It was just on dusk when Nap rode into Sixsense Organs. There were rows and rows of adobe style houses all looking very homely and lived in. But as Nap rode further into town he began to notice something strange. There were no people about. In fact he began to get the feeling that there were no people anywhere in the town. He looked in the general store and the pub but there was no one about. He even went so far as to knock on a door of one of the houses. There was no answer and he couldn’t hear any movement either.

Then, just as he was thinking this place was giving him the creeps he heard a loud bang. He walked towards the direction of the noise and as he rounded the corner he saw the gypsy wagon that had passed him earlier. The noise had come from the shutter being opened on the side of the wagon. There was a sign below it that Nap hadn’t been able to read earlier (for it went past a breakneck speed), it was painted in bright fanciful colours and read “Yellow Tara’s Fine Food.” He was wondering if the woman with the yellow hair was Tara herself when she thrust her head through the window below the shutter. Nap was startled but glad to see a live being in this town.
She introduced herself as (strangely enough) Tara Yellow cousin to Tara Green and announced that she would feed him if he were hungry. Nap, never one to refuse an offer of anything (especially food) from a beautiful woman, accepted. On the other side of the wagon was a table and two chairs. Nap sat himself down and waited for his food. “It’s a small world,” he thought and wondered what the chances were of running into a cousin of Tara Green out here in the Never Never.

He could smell strange and exotic smells coming from the wagon, he hoped he would like what she was cooking. She brought out two glasses and a bottle of red wine and they drank and talked while they waited for the food to cook. She knew of his knowledge of the 1st Noble Truth and that he had pondered its cause. At first he thought that Tara Green must have told her but then he remembered that she had only told him the function of true suffering. He asked her how she knew that he knew. “Women’s intuition” was all she would say.


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