The Twelve Links – Part 4

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Consciousness was a strange town, the streets were lined with fruit trees and the fruit trees were lined with monkeys. They were swinging from tree to tree with one hand and holding fruit in the other. Not far into the town Nap came to a crossroad. On each corner of the crossroad was a pub. He’d had a long ride and the thought of a bath and a night in a proper bed was most appealing. A beer in each one would help him to decide which one to bunk at. He chose the Hotel Impermanent for his first ale. It was a friendly atmosphere with lots of merriment.

He struck up a conversation with a local and asked how the pub got its name. Apparently the owner would close down the pub for a week every month and totally refurbish the bar. Hence the name Hotel Impermanent, always changing. It kept the drinkers interested and with four pubs so close you needed to keep them interested.
At The Miserable he couldn’t finish his beer quick enough the faces at the bar were longer than his legs. They were not big on atmosphere in that bar. Bar Empty across the road was overflowing with people. They were spilling out into the street, he couldn’t even make it to the bar.

The Selfless Inn was full of intellectual types discussing the existence of ego and playing chess. Nap found a stool at the bar and ordered a beer. At least he could hear himself think in this pub. The fellow seated beside him who introduced himself as Tomwait could tell that Nap wasn’t a local and asked him what he thought of Consciousness. He told him that he had only seen the pubs so far and commented on the strange names.

“The names are the four attributes of the nature of true suffering” Tomwait told him. “Here in Consciousness we need to be reminded of suffering, its nature and the four misconceptions that knowing this overcomes. We have named Hotel Impermanent to remind us that suffering is impermanent and this helps us to overcome the misconception that suffering is permanent. Then there’s The Miserable, for suffering as you know is miserable, this helps us to overcome the misconception that suffering is clean and pure. Bar Empty reminds us that suffering is empty this helps us to overcome the misconception that there is a self that has its own separate entity. And last but not least The Selfless Inn to remind us that suffering is selfless, this helps to overcome the misconception that there is a self that is under its own power,” he concluded.

Nap hadn’t expected such a long explanation for the names of pubs but he was very glad for know he knew the function and nature of the 1st Noble Truth. He finished his beer with Tomwait and then retired to a room above The Selfless Inn. He was too tired to decide on which pub was the better to board in.

As he lay in bed after a relaxing warm bath he reflected on how easy it was to find the nature of true suffering. In fact he thought so far everything about his journey had been relatively easy. He’d noticed that he had no control over Karma and Delusion they seemed to know the way he was headed and they were taking him there like it or not. He hoped that finding the completed effect of true suffering would be as easy.

On the border of Consciousness and Nameandform was a mountain range called The Kinds of Consciousness. This mountain range had six peaks Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body and Mind. The Kinds as they were known locally, afforded a fantastic view down into the valley of Nameandform. Nameandform was built around a lake and was known for its fishing. Nap loved to fish and as he looked down on the lake from Mt Body he decided he would find a Nameandformian to take him fishing.

Once he was in the town he had no problem finding a willing local. There were boats and fisherman everywhere, and only an hour after Karma and Delusion had led him into town, he was sitting in the middle of the lake in a finely crafted timber boat with a rod in his hand. Cohen his willing local, who was only too happy to spend the day fishing and listening to Nap play his accordion, proved to be an interesting companion.

According to Cohen all of the beings Nap had met on his travels and all the beings he was yet to meet, had the same five attributes as the Conappaggs, those of form, feeling, discrimination, compositional factors and consciousness. And apparently all of these beings Conappaggs included, belonged to the realm of the Humans. Nap said that he’d heard that there were six realms of existence and asked Cohen if he knew of the others. There were the animal realms, the hungry ghost realms, the hell realms and the god and demi god realms, Cohen told him. The Humans and gods and demi gods belong to the upper realms and the animals, hungry ghosts and the hells belong to the lower realms.

Nap was amazed that he had never heard any of this before. Lucky he decided to leave Ignorance or he’d still be in the dark. Actually it was getting dark out there on the lake so they headed in. Cohen had offered Nap a bed at his cabin on the edge of the lake and Nap had gratefully accepted.

Part 5 coming soon…………


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