An Evening With Green Tara

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We had such a lovely get together on Tuesday night. We departed from the usual format of reading and discussing Geshe-la’s text for a little visit with Green Tara, The Mother of All Buddhas. I had been feeling exhausted all day – well for the past couple of weeks actually! – and thought to myself that I really needed some Tara help to get some energy in, so I thought “Why not make tonight’s gathering a little impromptu class and meditation on Green Tara”?

As Tara is the compassionate activity of all the Buddhas she is the ultimate energy source! Green Tara is the Compassionate Activity aspect of the Buddha, the perfect action of the enlightened mind. She is liberator, foe destroyer and the Mother of All Buddhas. Chenrezig, the Enlightened Compassion of the Buddha, on beholding the infinite suffering of sentient beings, wept with compassion and Tara sprung from his tear. She is the action by which the Buddha extinguishes the suffering of sentient beings. Any action you take to relieve suffering and bestow benefit is Tara moving through you!

Tara and Amitabha


Tara is most commonly depicted in her main aspect as Green Tara, but she has many different forms. There is also White Tara, who bestows long life and increases all merit, life span and everything beneficial.

White Tara


The other commonly seen and very beloved display is Green Tara and the 21 Taras, in which Green Tara is surrounded by 21 Taras of various colours performing various specific functions, white being pacifying, yellow being increasing, red being strength or powerful actions, and black being wrathful activity.

Green Tara & The 21 Taras


This marvellous display of Tara has been celebrated in the White Night Festival in Melbourne recently with the unfurling and first sight of a magnificently HUGE thangka created by the Swiss dharma artist, Peter Iseli. It was displayed in Hamer Hall at the Victorian Arts Centre, which was the only room in all of Melbourne large enough to house the 15 metre high work. Truly spectacular, the Taras are a wonderful blessing to the whole environment in that city. Have a look at the White Night Facebook page about the exhibition for more info and great images.

Green Tara at Hamer Hall


I told you all that I would post some of the images that I showed you in the class so that you can have a longer look. See below.

Green Tara Mantra Garland


Tam on Lotus


Map of 21 Taras


Also here is a link to the teaching on Tara by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche that I read from. It is a fabulous teaching as always!  As always feel free to ask questions or post comments below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. It was really fun to be able to share my love of Tara with you all so my sincere thanks to you for the opportunity. I immediately felt refreshed of my exhaustion and have been smiling ever since! I hope to do a more extensive course for our group about Tara and the practice in the not too distant future.

Love to you all,



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