The Twelve Links – Part 3

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Not far from the bazaar he found a quiet spot beside a river, the perfect place to tend to Karma and Delusion. He had just finished lighting the fire when he heard the sound of oars hitting the water. He looked out onto the river and saw a woman approaching in a small rowboat. Wondering where she was headed he walked down to the rivers edge to help her from the boat. She had long brown hair and beautiful river green eyes and when she looked at him he felt like he’d known her forever. Her name was Tara Green. Nap offered her tea and a seat by his fire and before he realised he was telling her of his search for Bodhicitta and a life of happiness.

Tara listened patiently and waited for him to finish before she spoke. Her voice was strong and seemed to clear his head of all other thoughts, even Karma and Delusion were calmed by her presence. She told him that his search for happiness would not be easy. He would have to travel through 12 places each one linked to the last and he would learn of the six realms of existence, the four noble truths and many things in between. Nap was intrigued by this beautiful woman who knew so much. He asked her if she would like to join him on his journey. Tara was eager to tell him of the 1st Noble Truth, however she was unwilling to join him on his journey with Karma and Delusion. With a slightly bruised ego, Nap poured her more tea and sat back to listen, aware that she was about to impart some words of wisdom.

“The 1st Noble Truth is the truth of suffering and there are three things you must know in relation to the truth of suffering,” she told him. “You must know the function of this truth. You must understand the nature of true suffering and you must realise the completed effect of the truth of true suffering. You already know the function,” she added. Nap looked at her quizzically. “The function of the 1st Noble Truth the truth of suffering is to acknowledge that suffering exists.” Nap had seen much suffering on his travels, it was the very reason he had started this journey. He took a moment to digest all that she had said, then asked her why he needed to know all these things, after all he was only looking for Bodhicitta. He didn’t want to change Samsara!

Tara laughing rose to leave. She didn’t answer his question but told him that Karma and Delusion would carry him through the next twelve places but that eventually he would have to abandon them for they couldn’t carry him to Bodhicitta.
As Nap stood on the riverbank waving to Tara as she rowed back from whence she came, he couldn’t help but think that he could have found happiness with such a beautiful and intelligent woman and saved himself the bother of finding Bodhicitta. But alas it was not to be.
Nap didn’t dwell long in Karmic Action. Consciousness was the next town, linked to this one by a long and desolate road, it would provide him with a good opportunity to meditate on the idea of the 1st Noble Truth. As he neared the border of Consciousness bouncing along on Karma and Delusion he wondered if he would find the nature and the completed effect of true suffering there.

Part 4 of Naps tale up next ……….


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