The Twelve Links – Part 2

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Nap thought it strange that he had never heard of Karmic Action. But when living in Ignorance it was easy to become blind to what lay beyond. There was so much happening in Ignorance that you barely had time to contemplate other places.

As Nap rode farther on he came across a bazaar filled with people displaying their art and craft. It was bright and colourful and Nap thought it might be a chance to see what went on in Karmic Action. He noticed a crowd gathering so he wandered over to take a look. They were gathered around a young man selling clay pots. The pots were beautiful, glazed in opulent colours. The young man had a warm and friendly nature and was spending a lot of time explaining how each pot was designed and how it was best used. Some were for cooking, others for storing grain or holding water. His warmth and kind nature seemed to be having a positive effect on people and consequently many were buying his pots.

Nap explained how he had no use for a pot on his travels but he thanked the young man all the same for being so friendly and taking the time to talk to him about his pots. As he walked away he became aware of how easily a stranger could become a friend. A few stalls along he came across another potter, an old man, who was selling cracked and drab colored pots. His stall was in stark contrast to the young man’s. As Nap approached the stall he heard the potter telling the story of how the young man selling the beautiful pots had once worked for him. So Nap, interested, stopped to listen.

The potter spoke of how the young man had known nothing of potting when he came to work for him. He had trained him and taught him all that knew. Then, according to the potter, when the old mans health was failing and he needed the young man to run his stall and make the pots, the young man abandoned him and went out on his own. The potter was very bitter and angry because of this and it had affected his work. His pots weren’t selling and this made him even angrier. His angry nature was having a negative effect on his customers and consequently no one wanted to buy his pots.

Nap found it hard to believe that the young man whom he now considered as his friend could treat the potter so badly. He decided that the old man was bitter and angry and that he didn’t like him very much. As he walked away he became aware of how easily a stranger could become an enemy.

The last thing Nap expected to find at this bazaar was another potter’s stall, but that he did. A woman ran this third stall and her pots were neither beautiful nor drab. She herself was neither friendly nor angry and consequently she was having a neutral affect on her customers. Some were buying some were not. Nap felt indifferent to this woman and neither was he interested in her pots, so he walked away and this stranger remained a stranger. He’d had enough of this bazaar and its people, it was time to leave and find a place to camp and reflect on the day’s events.

Coming soon Part 3 of Naps adventures ……..


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  1. Hmmmm I wonder what Nap will do next?. What insights will he see from the days events? I’ll keep my eye out for the next chapter.

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