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The Twelve Links – Part 4

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Consciousness was a strange town, the streets were lined with fruit trees and the fruit trees were lined with monkeys. They were swinging from tree to tree with one hand and holding fruit in the other. Not far into the town Nap came to a crossroad. On each corner of the crossroad was a pub. He’d had a long ride and the thought of a bath and a night in a proper bed was most appealing. A beer in each one would help him to decide which one to bunk at. He chose the Hotel Impermanent for his first ale. It was a friendly atmosphere with lots of merriment. He struck up a conversation with a local...

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An Evening With Green Tara

Posted on Feb 27, 2018 in Discussion Group | 0 comments

We had such a lovely get together on Tuesday night. We departed from the usual format of reading and discussing Geshe-la’s text for a little visit with Green Tara, The Mother of All Buddhas. I had been feeling exhausted all day – well for the past couple of weeks actually! – and thought to myself that I really needed some Tara help to get some energy in, so I thought “Why not make tonight’s gathering a little impromptu class and meditation on Green Tara”? As Tara is the compassionate activity of all the Buddhas she is the ultimate energy source! Green Tara is the Compassionate...

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The Twelve Links – Part 3

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Not far from the bazaar he found a quiet spot beside a river, the perfect place to tend to Karma and Delusion. He had just finished lighting the fire when he heard the sound of oars hitting the water. He looked out onto the river and saw a woman approaching in a small rowboat. Wondering where she was headed he walked down to the rivers edge to help her from the boat. She had long brown hair and beautiful river green eyes and when she looked at him he felt like he’d known her forever. Her name was Tara Green. Nap offered her tea and a seat by his fire and before he realised he was telling her...

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The Twelve Links – Part 2

Posted on Feb 18, 2018 in Tibetan Buddhism | 1 comment

Nap thought it strange that he had never heard of Karmic Action. But when living in Ignorance it was easy to become blind to what lay beyond. There was so much happening in Ignorance that you barely had time to contemplate other places. As Nap rode farther on he came across a bazaar filled with people displaying their art and craft. It was bright and colourful and Nap thought it might be a chance to see what went on in Karmic Action. He noticed a crowd gathering so he wandered over to take a look. They were gathered around a young man selling clay pots. The pots were beautiful, glazed in...

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The Twelve Links – Part 1

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Jordan Zea a student at Langri Tangpa Buddhist Centre in Brisbane wrote the following story as an assignment for the Discovering Buddhism course in 2004, it outlines The Twelve Links of Interpendent Origination or The law of Dependent Origination, The Four Truths and a few other Buddhist teachings as experienced by a character named Nap. It is a rather long story so we have divided it up into parts for ease of reading. “It is because of the mystery of birth, old age and death that Buddhas arise in the world. There is no realm of existence in which these realities do not exist, and it is the...

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